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Are you looking to take a course to further your education or begin a new chapter in your life from the convenience of your own home or workplace? Are you looking to take a course that fits your busy schedule and moves at your own pace?

We have that course!

N.A.P.E.'s Online Courses offer the convenience to be completed wherever, whenever, and however is easiest for you. With these courses, all you have to do is ask yourself where you would like to go today ... and we will help you get there!


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Basic Boiler Plant Operation

The Basic Boiler Plant Operation distance learning course is designed to introduce students to the concepts necessary to begin or further a career in stationary engineering. Starting with basic arithmetic, the course proceeds through boiler fundamentals, boiler types, boiler operation, heating systems, maintenance, combustion, piping, valves, pumps, fuel systems, water treatment, electricity, safety, and more.

Our price: $842.40
Advanced Boiler Plant Operation

Building on the knowledge gained through the Basic Boiler Plant Operations course or through experience with high pressure boilers, this distance learning course proceeds with algebra, trigonometry, physics, boiler design, boiler construction, boiler fundamentals, codes, plant operation, mechanical principles, controls, piping, pump systems, fuel systems, electricity theory and applications, safety, environmental monitoring, and more.

Our price: $918.00
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Plant Operation

Like the Basic and Advanced Boiler Plant Operations courses. This online program provides the student with a thorough knowledge of the refrigeration plant. Starting with basic thermodynamics and mechanics, the course proceeds through refrigerants, the environmental impact of refrigerants, compression and absorption systems and their specific components, start-up, control and maintenance procedures, concepts of psychometrics and comfort cooling.

Our price: $750.60
Water Treatment

This course is designed to provide the student with a very good understanding of water chemistry and water treatment methods in boiler, cooling, refrigeration, and closed loop systems. It teaches the concepts of corrosion, corrosion control, water analysis, chemical, pretreatment and internal treatment of systems, and provides the operator and manager with the information necessary to make intelligent decisions about the water treatment program in their facility.

Our price: $642.60
Steam Turbines

Facilities use steam turbines for primary movers either in electrical generation or large air conditioning systems. This online course instructs the student in the proper and safe operation of the equipment and auxiliaries in such plants. Startup and shutdown procedures, turbine design, monitoring, maintenance, and calculations are discussed to provide the student with a clear understanding of the rotating equipment and auxiliaries involved.

Our price: $626.40
Gas Turbine & Cogeneration

Many facilities have begun to install gas turbines in plants for cogeneration. This course is designed to bring the student's knowledge of the equipment and auxiliaries up to a level necessary to understand and operate this sophisticated equipment. The course discusses common designs, major components, operating principles, common controls, maintenance procedures, concepts of cogeneration, lubrication, and lubrication systems.

Our price: $583.20
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