The Pioneer Valley Engineer

 President's Message 

May 2017

On March 27th, 2017, the Engineering section of the Department of Public Safety officially started the transition to the Department of Fire Services.  While this transition will hopefully be completed by July 1st, there have been some immediate changes that you should know about.

The Department of Fire Services is in Stow, Ma.  This will be the new location for exams and I suspect license renewals.  Western Mass has three inspectors now: Dan LaPearl, Jeffery Isabelle, and Robert Schultz.  Below is a map with each inspector’s corresponding District.  Inspector LaPearl’s district is in green, Inspector Isabelle district is in purple, and Inspector Schultz’s district is in yellow.

While this will feel different after many years of associating ourselves with the Department of Public Safety, we all need to do our part to support the Department in this transition.      

In other news, I am sure many of you heard about the boiler explosion in St. Louis where a boiler flew 550 ft. through the air and crashed through a nearby building.  The operator was killed as well as 3 others in the building where the boiler crashed into.  The underlying story of this tragedy is we should never be complacent in our day to day operation.  We should never take for granted the safe operation of our equipment, and we should always be diligent to minimize the inherent risk.

Our chapter currently stands at 140 members with 40 of them who have not renewed their membership.  The drop date was April 15th, and a second billing will be mailed to those who have not renewed.  If you have not renewed, please do so.  We need your support as well as the support of the trade.    

There is a National Board meeting on April 29th at 9 am in the community room at AMES Privilege. If you’re interested in attended, call the National Office to let them know you are attending. Along those lines the Chapter is in active dialogue with other New England chapters to see if there is any interest in collaborating on a joint Mass States Association of Power Engineers and a New England States Association of Power Engineers meeting.





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