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 President's Message 

March 2016

At last month’s meeting a budget was presented, voted upon and passed by the body.  The budget reflects that our current expenses exceeds our income by about 30%.  Per recommendation of the body, an executive board meeting was held to discuss what options the Chapter has, specifically why we are in this state and how do we turn our finances around.  The board conducted a survey of other educational organizations in the state that offer license preparation and continuing education classes.  What was concluded was that our membership rate for all of Chapter 4’s classes is much lower than what is being charged by many other educational institutions.  In addition, many who take the discounted rate join our organization only while they are enrolled in classes and then proceed to let their membership lapse once their classes are over.  Another thing that hurts the Chapter is that our expenses are spread out over fewer classes than many other educational institutions because they offer multiple classes in many diverse trades.

The board also discussed the opportunity to decrease our expenses.  One avenue that was discussed was finding a smaller cheaper place to rent.  While this presents opportunity, it is not a short-term solution.  Discussions will be held with AMES to see if they can rent our classroom as a separate entity and we either find room in the National Office or a new home.

The board decided that the short-term fix was that more income needed to be generated.  Following our spring classes, the membership discounted rates will be suspended on all Chapter 4 classes until further notice.  We always strive to bring our members the lowest cost education possible and we will continue to explore our options to make this possible.  Additionally, the board recommended that we increase our web base advertising to $150 per month.  This will be effective March 1st, 2017.

On January 25th, 2017 the Governor has filed Article 87, An Act to Reorganize the Department of Public Safety.  This article would separate the DPS between the Department of Professional Licensure and Fire Services.  The contention is that this bill would increase efficiencies by eliminating redundancies within the state licensing functions and ultimately saving the state $800,000 in FY 2018. In addition, the bill would remove outdates references and updates antiquated language.  I’m not an expert on the process of this article, but it will be moved quickly for a vote.   I am hoping for an update on the status of this article by our next Chapter meeting.





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