National Association
of Power Engineers

Benefits of Membership

When you become a member of the National Association of Power Engineers (N.A.P.E.) you commit yourself to the dedication and high performance called for by the profession. You immediately become a positive voice within the Association. Your opinions are joined with others to become positive factors and influences on important matters at all levels within the Association concerning: education, direction and improvement. There are numerous benefits that do not easily fit into a category within any fraternal organization; but some very tangible benefits of membership in N.A.P.E. are:

  • Eligibility

    Membership may be granted to the Association by ballot to those member-recommended persons of good moral character who are citizens of the United States or Canada or who have declared their intentions of becoming such and who qualify. As there are currently no Chapters outside of the United States, Canadians wishing to join N.A.P.E. would have to do so as Members at Large or Lifetime Members at Large.

  • Education

    Through Chapters located throughout the United States, N.A.P.E. provides educational courses to bring new information and technology to power engineers. We also provide educational courses through  On-Line Training for those who are unable to attend a Chapter for educational courses or wish to train a large group of employees within a company.

  • National Engineer

    You will receive the National Engineer, the quarterly (four issues) publication of the Association. This authoritative publication brings information to our members concerning new technology, repairs and maintenance, education, news and safety tips. The National Engineer helps keep power engineers across the country up to date with current information concerning the trade and the latest news concerning N.A.P.E

  • Textbooks

    To increase your knowledge as a professional, textbooks written by acknowledged experts, covering every aspect of your profession in any direction you choose to follow, are available for purchase.

  • Bulletins

    A library of bulletins, providing you with instant reference material of a multitude of subjects, are available for purchase.

  • Newsletters

    Members of N.A.P.E. receive a monthly bulletin or newsletter prepared by individual Chapters, to keep you, a member of N.A.P.E., posted on programs, educational activities, meetings and social events occurring within each Chapter.

  • Employment Opportunities

    Access to companies or persons seeking applicants for specific employment opportunities are posted on the N.A.P.E. website for your viewing.

  • National Convention

    An annual N.A.P.E. National Convention is held during the month of July each year. The location is selected by the current President of N.A.P.E. Matters concerning N.A.P.E. business are discussed and resolved and new Officers are elected for the coming year. Members are encouraged to attend National Conventions and participate in the planned activities and business meetings.

  • Advancement

    There are endless opportunities for advancement as a member of N.A.P.E. The Association is dedicated to its members, and continues to brain storm with new ideas to bring new and exciting things to the Association and to its members.

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